About Me

Hi, I’m Carlos, I used to shoot film in my teenage years back in the mid 90’s. Starting the 2000’s the digital era took over and I forgot about film for some time.

Over the years shooting digital I always felt like something was missing, I missed mixing chemistry, developing, taking the time, the thrill of the anticipation, trusting your skills, having a tangible film that I could keep and archive without the fear of easily loosing it overtime like a digital file. I got to the point that I was numb to digital photography.

In 2017 I had the chance to get one of my all time favorite film panorama cameras, a 6×17 and I fell in love with film photography all over again. Since then I’m back and involved in all this very rewarding craft, from personally home developing all my film, B&W, color negative and slides, to the final print.

The prints are made on the highest quality archival photographic paper. 

It brings me so much joy to know people around the world have my photos hanging somewhere and enjoying the view that I originally envision through the viewfinder.

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